Nursing the Lane way NCLEX Tutoring

Nursing students: does your study need help? Pass nclex! Even if you failed before!

Nursing educators and Nursing schools: the old test tips and skills do not work anymore! Its a brand new game! Get your school off probation!

We have packages for all budget types! Live sessions, Skype sessions, Individual DVD lectures for your weak areas.   Become a better Nursing educator.


Finally connect the dots , making sense of nursing as easy as 1,2,3 !


If you would like tutoring, go to our online store, click on the tutoring button, pay $50 per hour, for as many hours as you wish. Then email Mrs. Lane at to set up your appointment.

Student comments:

“Mrs. Lane is amazing at presenting material and relates it into ways you can remember! Wish we would have had her earlier in the year or program! She made medsurg so much easier to learn! AMAZING! AZ Future RN student”

“Was extremely helpful in review and connecting dots I didn’t know existed! the pictures were great and the real life experience stories were interesting and very helpful in the learning process.” Bay de Noc MI Nursing student.

“Really Great! Very knowledgeable at her craft! Very passionate. I loved her analogies and pictures. I am a visual learner. Also, her ability to relate to students was awesome!” Everest College Nursing student, Merrillville IN.”